My name is Gaia, born and raised in Italy in the beautiful city of Naples

Graduated in visual art,painting and history of art, I always loved to take pictures: my first camera was an analogic from the 90’s! I was only 9 when I tried this “magical box”, and never stopped since then!!!

My first digital camera instead, was a Nikon Coolpix 4600, a gift from my parents, and never left my pockets during our travels! I was only 13 when I decided that this was my path. I started working officially as a freelance in 2006 – first as photographer assistant, after a couple of years as independent artist.

After a break where I only worked as manager in a shop, I decided to quit, to come back to photography, but not only this: I moved to Denmark with nothing in my luggage but my camera and my lights. This happened in February 2016.

I do not follow a specific photography field, since I like to explore every corner of this art: I have a portfolio that extends his borders everyday, starting from classic portraits til the live concerts. Can’t really say which field is my favourite.

I am currently working with a Metal Music Magazine which called me for events such as Copenhell or Nick Mason’s live concert – This give me the chance of traveling a lot and attending the best concerts in the whole Danish country!

Also cooperating with an amazing team of Burlesque/Cabaret show in Copenhagen, professional performers who chose me as personal photographer!
As a freelance, I love to celebrate weddings and love! Not to mention the family pictures, from pregnancy and newborn babies, to big boys and girls with their parents playing in the park or posing in the studio!

You can even spot some landscape and animal in my shot; my first inspiration for taking picture was reading the National Geographic.

Looking forward to hear from you

Gaia Micatovich.